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Since its very inception MSS has been consistently working for the development of women, especially belonging to the lower strata of the society. These women, we have noticed, are subject to indescribable suffering and deprivation for two reasons. One is their financial crisis and the other is their lack of awareness. To remedy this, MSS provides them a platform from where to fight against all kinds of odds. The name of this platform is Mahila Mandal (women group). The number of the Mahila Mandal members who are enrolled at present in our Organization is 4200 and it is ever increasing. Various projects are undertaken every year to help them become financially self-dependent and supportive to their families and also to help grow their awareness-level in different aspects.


Children are the future of the nation. It is our duty to provide them a congenial atmosphere for their proper upbringing. This side is miserably neglected in the rural areas where the poor parents often put their children in various menial jobs, depriving them of minimum educational facilities. MSS struggles hard to alter the picture by extending the facilities of education and nutrition to the children.

In financial collaboration with SMILE FOUNDATION and MSS runs a preprimary school, named Pratham Alo, especially for the children of the working class people. The children below six years are provided with free education and education kits in this school. 159 students are enrolled in the school in the academic year 2019-2020. Six teachers are appointed to provide them elementary education. The children are taught in the play-way method in the school.


It’s undeniable that the bulk of health hazards of the rural folk can be prevented by accepting some precautionary measures. For this the growth of awareness is essential. Some diseases are water-borne such as dysentery, cholera etc. Ensuring safe drinking water and avoiding fast food, cut-fruits etc. are necessary to prevent them. Some are mosquito-borne diseases like malaria, dengue, chickungunia, viral diseases, Immunization of children etc. We can prevent them by using mosquito nets, full sleeve shirts, mosquito resisting oil and coil etc. Again, there are some diseases which can be prevented by maintaining cleanliness. MSS always takes initiative to grow people’s awareness about how to prevent the attack of such diseases.


MSS is the other name of hope and trust to the people of the project area. Whenever they fall in an embarrassing situation, be it in the form of a natural disaster like flood, draught, earthquake etc. or a personal crisis of the individual concerned like the daughter’s marriage, child’s higher education etc. they approach the Organization for financial help and guidance. Within its limited capacity MSS has always been trying to help them overcome the crisis.

MSS extended their support to the marginalized community, who were badly affected by the impact of Covid-19 outbreak, prolonged lockdown and finally devastating speed of cyclone Amphan which ripped apart the community and their minimal life resources.

Community Health and hygiene

It’s verifiable that the heft of wellbeing perils of the rustic society can be forestalled by tolerating some careful steps. For this the development of mindfulness is fundamental. A few infections are water-borne like looseness of the bowels, cholera and so forth Guaranteeing safe drinking water and keeping away from inexpensive food, cut-natural products and so on are important to forestall them. Some are mosquito-borne infections like intestinal sickness, dengue, chickungunia, viral illnesses, Immunization of youngsters and so forth We can forestall them by utilizing mosquito nets, full sleeve shirts, mosquito opposing oil and curl and so forth Once more, there are a few illnesses which can be forestalled by keeping up with neatness. MSS consistently steps up to the plate and develop individuals’ mindfulness about how to forestall the assault of such infections.

Sports & youth welfare

Youth is the power of any society. This power is to be encouraged, properly channelized and
utilized for the betterment of the nation. MSS within its limited capacity always attempts at
organizing the youth of the area by way of arranging sports tournaments for them and offering them scope for physical development. In the year 2018-2019 the following initiatives were taken and implemented in this field:
(A) Football Tournament: Six one-day football tournaments were organized by MSS, in each of which eight to twelve teams from different parts of the project area participated. In the Final and Semi-final matches the managements of different local sports club are invited so that they may choose players for their team from among the participating teams.
(B) Multi-gym: To help the local youth growing body fitness MSS has opened a multi-gym centre in its premises in financial collaboration with SPORTS & YOUTH DEPARTMENT, GOVT OF WEST BENGAL. 54 local youngsters have taken membership of the centre. Every afternoon they practice gym under the guidance of two trainers.
(C) Yoga Awareness Camp: The importance of Yoga in human life is acknowledged all over the world today. It is said that man is a physical, mental and spiritual being. Yoga has its impact on all these three selves of man. In view of this MSS organized a one-day Yoga Awareness Camp in its premises with financial help from NEHRU YUVA KENDRA under Pradhan Mantri Jana Dhana Yojana scheme.

Festivals & culture

Fairs and festivals are a part and parcel of our life. They play a vital role in promoting communal harmony and national spirit among the people. Hence, MSS always encourages them. The Organization observes all the red-lettered days like the Independence Day, the Republic Day, the World Environment Day, Rabindranath’s birthday, Nazrul’s birthday, Vidyasagar’s birthday etc. Besides, two religious festivals Kali Puja and Saraswati Puja are celebrated by us. Needless to say, the festivals are not merely religious in nature and spirit, but they have become social festivals in which people irrespective of their caste, creed and religion join spontaneously.


Distribution of cloths is a remarkable footstep of Manikjore Seva Sangha. We are distributing several clothing’s to the needy and destitute people (Including women, child & men) of our area throughout the year.


We have distributed warm clothes to needy people of our local areas for their winter


Education is the key to the growth of knowledge and awareness. Therefore, MSS has
opened a library in its main campus which is open to all. The present membership of the
library is over 500. They borrow books of their choice for a fixed period and can get it
renewed again after that period is over. Besides, there are many general readers who
come and study different newspapers, journals etc. regularly.